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Full Service Digital Dental Laboratory - Est. 1981



Giving Your Patients The Best Results Possible

Our mastery of CAD/CAM technology allows us to produce extremely accurate and precise products. Our zirconia crowns are beautifully layered, durable, full-contour, solid and versatile. They offer unparalleled strength to metal alternatives.  

We help build trust between you and your patients by delivering esthetic restorations with consistent and predictable results is our main goal.

Our team of exceptional technicians will support you in all phases of the Smile Design process (design, fabrication and delivery).

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Sending Us Your Digital Scans

Our state-of-the-art laboratory utilizes cutting edge dental imaging and manufacturing technology.

If you have a scanner, we support it! We make it easy for you to send your digital files.


If you're looking at investing in a scanner - Click below.

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Offering Quality & Craftsmanship @ it's finest

Select Dental Studio
78 N. Broadway St
Des Plaines, IL  60016
T: (847) 299-9811
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